Interview mit These Streets

Photo Feb 11, 11 56 51 PM (1)Hi guys. Could you please introduce yourselves as a starter?

Yo whats up its Cam, I sing in the band!

Your New Record „Unfinished Business“ is coming out soon and its absolutely awesome. Are you happy with it?

THANK YOU!! that means the world, and I am super happy on it and every part of its release so far!

You changed, or better, evolved your style. „Unfinished Business“ has got this Rock and oldschool Metal sound. It leaves the standard sound of Hardcore without losing grip to it. Was it a hard decision to try something new?

Not at all, hardcore bands now a days are either trying to hard to be „hyped“ or trying too hard to be super heavy so we just go with trying super hard to be the best These Streets we can be!

The whole record reminds me of Pantera meeting the likes of Lionheart. Would you say that’s a fitting comparison?

Well I played guitar for LH so on the inside I’m cringing hearing that statement, but I really dig the pantera vibe so ill take it .

You changed your Label to german based BDHW Records. How come?

BDHW is a great label, the roster is bar none the best in the world. And Toni Keeps in contact with me almost daily. ITs honestly privilege to work with someone who works so hard.

When are you coming over to promote the Record in Europe?

Early Next year 1000%. We cannot wait to jam overseas and eat Doner kebabs.

Your goal is a simple one: world domination! How is that going so far? Whats coming after that?

Slowly but surely we will take over the world, its only a matter of time.

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